Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mike finally did it!

After much thought and serious peer pressure, Mike finally took Kevin's beauty out for a ride!!!! Sorry boys, the answer is still no!

In other news.... we helped celebrate Bradens 5th birthday last night. The kids always have a blast getting together for a party! Lots of kids, lots of presents, lots of cake and lots of fun... Bellas got to stay for the weekend for another sleepover with her friend Jody... I mean Breanna. As we were saying goodbye to Bella last night I said "I'm gonna miss ya", to which she replied "I'll miss you too... but I'll call you tomorrow to see if you're ok." Then she proceeded to tell me " be good too." ...when will she ever grow up?

Check out Bella's weekend on Kevin & Jody's blog...

The roof is starting to get shingled this week, windows & doors coming next week, the porch is starting to get framed and the interior walls go up next week. It's moving right along... will we be in by Christmas??? :o

Miss Kate with her favourite puppy towel
Pushing her brother around Learning how to write in 'school'

Bella got a new bike this week, and is joined by her little friends Daisy & Robbie
David on his racing machine (wouldn't Uncle Donny be proud!)

For those of you who haven't been here, this is our apartment...well, just the bottom floor!
A view from the top... Bella peeking out her bedroom window
How come nobody ever takes me up?' Getting a little more adventuresome
View from the drivewayFarmers porch starting to get framed, and shingles on the garage
Hold on, sit down, it's a chimney!
Braden with his presents... it took him FOREVER to open them! :)
Grandpa very enthusiastic about his grandson 'finally' adding some green to his collection.
Happy Birthday to you...
Licking off the candles... why is that so fun? They get all the icing they want on their peice of cake! All the kids...
The little troops on the way home... David's sword in hand to slay any dragons we might encounter on the way!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's raining again...

We've been pretty lucky with the rain holding off - until this week! Most of the roof got sheeting on it by the end of the week, so today's rain doesn't make me feel too bad :o aarrghh!

We took a quick trip to San Diego this week. Mike flew us out on Tuesday night, and we spent the day Wednesday walking around Old Town & Little Italy, then flew home Thursday morning. We spent most of the day Thursday recovering from lack of sleep, but I still managed to make it to the first 'girls night out' in Nashua. Was fun to get together again after a busy summer off.

We also had a visit from our new (and not new) workers this week. Lucille & Annelise.
Old Town San Diego...

Goofing off
Smiley... Goofing off together
Watching the ladies make tortillas... we brought some home and made tacos last night for supper
Everyone crashing at the park... we're tired!
The roof getting sheeting.... rain, rain, go away!
Rear view

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Political Me

So tonight after supper I decided I had to go to the grocery store - we are having our workers here tomorrow. Mike asked me to stop by the lot so he could have a picture to study of how the house looks today. I took some pictures and started for the grocery store. About 1 mile down the road the police had the road blocked off - a storm had passed through shortly before and there must have been trees on the road. So I turned around and took an alternate route to the store. Well, more police! This time they were directing traffic in and out a political event... I looked over and saw 'Fred Thompson 2008' on the side of a bus. Now I'm not sure what made me pull in, but I did. This may seem funny to anyone who knows my political side - or lack of it! I really just thought my husband would think it funny, and managed to snap a couple photos and yes, I shook his hand. Yes, he thought it was cool - I even think he was a little jelous :o) So don't think I've gone all political on you, I don't even know who's Republican & who's a Democrat - I think the Conservative/Liberal thing is easier to remember, eh!

Kate earlier at breakfast this morning
And the dormers are on the house -this picture is taken from the road

So I know I'm getting popular at this... remember last summer when I got up close and personal with Stephen Harper (that our Canadian Prime Minister, for those of you who don't know!)
...and tonight...
Thanks for looking right at me Mr. Thompson :o) (yes, it's very humid out tonight)
I think he was waving to me out the back window...

Alot can happen in a week...

Last weekend was probably one of the last days of summer we enjoyed swimming. We were at Corey & Janannes - funny, they weren't home! - with a bunch of friends and enjoyed a gorgeous sunny, summer day. Leah rode by with her horses and offered the kids a ride... Bella jumped at the chance. Roger came by with some of his toys too... the kids were all excited to get a ride in the huge rock truck! Thanks for the pool C & J! :o)

We also had a special visit from Sharon Warden and her mom, 'Grandma Shirley'. They stayed over for the night on their way up to New Brunswick. Sharon was in our area when I was a little girl, and I always had good memories of her... I'm sure the kids will now have good memories as well. She will be going back to the Ukraine in October.

Our house is moving right along... the second floor is being framed, and the kids can see where their bedrooms are going! We 'hauled' them up to the second floor, and they peeked out the bedroom 'windows'. It was all pretty exciting! :o) So we've been picking out stone for the fireplace hearth and looking at woodstoves, and it's not fun for a 1, 2 and 4 year old :o

Kyle and Kate - they are within 2.5 weeks of each other (and probably within a 'couple' pounds too!)
David observing the rock truck ride from afar.

Culyer sleeping by the pool

Ethan, Braden and Bella
David & Daddy
Bella & Breanna with Leah and her horse
Momma cooking pizza's
Kate snuck away with a peice of pizza and hid out in Bella's bedroom

Grandma Shirley reading to the kids
Sharon with her mom
A lumber maze...
the gable ends going up
Bella & the dogs
It's hard work picking out stoves & stones