Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So we're sick

I wish I had a better memory (what was I going to tell you about...??) Oh yeah, the kids are always saying things that make me grin (well, not always. Ha.), and I wish I would write them down before I totally forget everything! Like Bella telling me that she is going to live with me forever, and she's going to fly with daddy and be a girl that works on the airplane. Work with day, live with mom. That sounds like fun!

Bella wants me to play with her, I'm supposed to sit down in her office (bedroom). So I told her I had to clean up her 'office' (toys all over), before I played with her. She soon came to help (like she usually does), and said ..."somebody made a big mess in my office, I have to clean up the mess... those democrats did it." I'm like, democrats?? where do you get democrats? She just said, "I don't know why they made this mess.... " ...too much political talk in our house?? not by me! :)

David is very proud how big he is. "I can do it, I can do it..." and the other day he was telling me he could do something for me cause "I'm sizer than Bella."

Kate's not needing to talk much yet... her favourite is 'out' whether it's up, down, out, in, basically just the need to be moved. Still likes saying 'be-be' (potty), and 'mama' - even while referring to dada. She will pretty much repeat anything you say cause we usually laugh and she likes being funny. Oh, and 'un-uh' (as in no), actually means yes! It's all a little confusing.

We have been sick this week, but things are looking up. We are down to one bottle of Amoxacillen and we actually have 1/2 box of kleenex left. We left the apartment today for 2 hours - first time since Saturday, and spent some time 'helping out' at the house. I'm sure Duane is grateful for every moment Bella spends overseeing his flooring job. The floors are looking great, the cabinets arrived yesterday (in boxes, so I can't even see them... humph), the painters are doing their rough work, and the tile guy is working away too. Looks like middle of March.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We just got back from a fun-filled (with a little R&R) vacation in Aruba. What a fun spot to visit - perfect weather, hot & breezy every day. We stayed at a couple different hotels and different areas on the island, and enjoyed exploring a little bit of the country side. We rented a car one day and took a tour of the south & east side of the island - opposite of the resort area. Not what you would expect, the land was full of cactus! It was all very picturesque, world famous white & blue beaches, rocky cliffs, and dry desert sands. We were able to spend Wednesday evening with the Nedds as well - was special to meet their little family. Here is a story-board of our highlights...

On the first evening, we had dinner at a Japanese steakhouse... pretty exciting for the kids... flames & dancing knives...
Bella covered her face from the flames
aaaahhhh, life is good!

Watching a water fireworks display one evening...
Bella & a little girl her age spent about an hour together, running & playing and talking to each other. It was about 1/2 an hour into their time together when Bella came over and whispered into my ear... "she doesn't talk English".... they easily overcame the boundary of language and laughed & played and chatted like there was no barrier at all! It was cute.
We had some 'friends' by the pool...

Our drive out into the 'desert'
This picture is for Mike's brother Dan, CEO of Valero Iowa.
'rustic' beach on east side of Aruba
Kate spent about 15 minutes playing in this spot...
no Mom, I didn't let her touch the snake
Mike & the kids getting up-close and personal with some free-range donkeys
Wednesday night with the Nedds...
Taking a stroll over the 'bridge'
JetBlue coming with another load of tourists
Enjoying the shade
Bella spent lots of time digging castles
Strawberry smoothies became a fast hit...
...enjoyed by all
Beach bums... opps, I guess I didn't have a picture of myself at the beach... go figure! no really, go figure!

Strolling through the hotel
Dinner (my favourite) at Rumba, where I had the most amazing rosemary & bacon encrusted rack of lamb... ummmm
Cruise ships docked nearly every day
Ahhh, my tummy's full of ice cream... at Mike's favourite restaurant, Que Pasa
Family picture by the beach. David started getting a fever the last day, and thus the pout on his face. (Ended up taking him in today and he has an ear infection.) At least he waited until the last day!
And we're back home... So Kate runs around the house now and says 'be-be' which in turn means she wants to take her diaper off and try out new things.... I'm not ready for this. It's not that much fun. So I sat her down the other day and went to do something (probably laundry), and David came in crying saying that Kate needed me....
she eventually shared the laughs

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Bella on Monday night at the Children's Museum in Portsmouth. It's a great spot for kids to run around, burn off cake and best yet... no mess at home! Bella was happy to have all her friends with her and share some fun time together...

We had girls night out at Patty's this Tuesday night.... oh yes, I remembered my camera... just forgot to take pictures... (do I hear sighs of relief?) I won't disappoint next time! Patty had a marvelous meal featuring chicken pot pie - it didn't seem to matter she forgot the shortning in the first batch, they were amazing! We finished up with a bread pudding smothered in caramel sauce... yummy! Once again we had a fun evening chatting, singing, and inspiring each other :)

Bella at her party...
Miss Kate trying to hide from me in the submarine filled with tunnels

Birthday girl with her cake

Jenn Kilgas in the restaurant with her two little guys... Jenn and Greg came back to our place and spent the night with us... great to see them again!

Liam & GregCuyler exploring...


David coming down from a space mission

4 faces.... I 'think' they were Kevin, me (the one with the chin sticking out...) and anyone else remember? Richard encouraging David on a MAC Andrea, Shilo and Jody

Ellie & Ava getting faces painted

The kids chowing down on pizza

David, Bella & Shelby

The kids climbing in the submarine


Kate & Miss Molly

David & Breanna

Weston getting mothered... (and loving it!)