Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IPhone uploads

Here are a few pictures I got off of Mike's IPhone... it's a bunch of misc. photos over the past few weeks.

Mike hard at work (I always knew I worked harder at home than he does at work!)
Montauk Point
Abover the clouds
Andrew catching a wave right into shore

Shanny & David at the beach
Bella & Shannon
Daddy & Kate
our house got 'almost' finished painting this past week... just a little more trim work to finish up

oh, and our grass is starting to grow!
goofing off in the van

our driver
and me :)
Bella, taken by David I think

A day at camp

A couple weeks ago we were invited to Richard & Nancy's camp for some fun in the sun... here are some photo's complements of Richard (thanks, cause I forgot my camera!) Lots of fun swimming, kayaking and eating smores! Bella stayed overnight for a sleepover at camp, then the next night David stayed at Richard & Nancy's with the boys and Arden came over to our house for a girls only sleepover. The kids had such a good time together...

Daddy taking Arden out
Daddy with Kate, who is relaxing a bit

Richard with David

Mason & Bella on the raft
Kate & David swimming
all the kids on the dock
making smores
David trying out the paddle
and Bella kayaking
Mason & Sawyer trying to impress with a big catch!
swinging off the rock
good little friendships are being made...
frogging by night... (not sure if it was a toad or a frog, Mark!)
Arden & Bella

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Sister came to visit us this week

We were very excited to have my sister & family come to visit us this week. First time for them to visit us in NH without having to sleep on a couch (in our cozy apartment!) We had a great time together, doing lots of shopping (priorities!) and of course a trip to the beach. I forgot my camera at the beach, so I have no pictures to share...

here's Andrew...
and Cathy playing the piano for the kids

kids got a new game of croquet from their cousins

and all dressed up for Sunday

Shannon & Bella
Andrew & David
Miss Kate
and my handsome guy
the Cowan's
David with Willy
... I may start a campain called "Free Willy"... just for his sake!

Swim Day

Last week we went over to Kent & Sharon's pool (thanks guys for the use of your pool, and sorry for all noise & commotion that was caused!) We had an awesome day! Shelley & Ellie
Bella all geared up and ready to go
Aiden looking pretty cute
Jody with her famous scowl

Kids had fun first off, fetching frogs from the pool
An absolutely gorgeous picture of Johanna & Shaelyn
Lindi & Aiden Jenna & Ellie
Ethan ready to dive in
all the gals lined up...
and the young gals lined up too
...and then there's Kate!
Which way to the beach?