Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kennedy Space Centre

We packed in a trip to the Space Centre when we were down in Florida... fun to visit again - it had been about 25 years since I was there!

There was a shuttle on the launch pad
 A model of the launch pad

The year I was born!! that really dates me!
An astronaut...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Disney World

Well it wasn't my typical lie-on-the-beach vacation, but we had a blast none the less! Taking the kids to Disney is magical to say the least. They loved every minute of it - what kid aged 89 or under wouldn't! - and didn't give in till the last firework went off...
Downtown Disney lego display...
too much princess stuff!!
Bella got to be a princess - a birthday present for her - for her trip to Disney World. She was in her glory!
Getting turned into a princess by her fairy godmother
Princess Isabella

and David was made into a 'cool dude'
Mickey Mouse ears on the back and all
his hair was a killer! :)
..and we couldn't forget about the littlest princess of all...

on our way into the park.. are we ready??

daddy got to go on all the spinning rides!! wheeee...

are we having fun yet?

parade time
picture by Bella
I refuse to go on these...
inside Minnie's house

The castle glowing at dusk
and a grand ending to a fun, long day!!

Animal Kingdom

It was our first trip to Animal Kingdom and we were thrilled. The shows were amazing and the safari ride was totally awesome. Given my deep love for animals, I quite enjoyed myself.

Tiger in 'Asia'
Miss Bella in 'Asia' getting a ride
Grandma & Grandpa Nebraska with us for the day
Grandpa showing us his ride
On our trip through the African Safari

This rhino was so close I could have touched his behind... but who wants to do that?
At the Lion King show... front row seats has it's price...
I have more photos but will save them for when I really need something!!
Bella was super excited to meet & greet lots of characters... here are some of the ones she saw

David went fishing before the parade started

the Finding Nemo show was incredible... this picture isn't very good, but it was awesome!
Our last dinner out at the Texas de Brazil....
Wow... had to capture the moment!

Mike was able to take his mom & dad into a simulator at jetBlue's training centre in Orlando... I guess Don was able to land the Airbus with no major incident!