Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit from Grandma & Grandpa and Charlotte

We had a visit last week from Grandma & Grandpa Hlinka and my niece Charlotte. They were kept very busy by the kids and even got some mending and wood cutting done! :)  

Kate loved to dance while Grandpa played the accordian

Mike cooked up a seafood chowder
goodnight Mr. Lobster...
what kind of poses are these??
?? help me!
Charlotte & Bella

Got a package in the mail on Saturday from Grandma Klinetobe... it was Kate's quilt that she had made!  Thank you Grandma, Kate loves her new 'blanko'.

Ava's Birthday

This weekend we helped Ava celebrate her 7th birthday. It was a 'Mad Science' party and the kids had fun watching cool experiments and making slime!

Boston Science Museum and more...

We took a trip down to the Boston Science Museum and barely skimmed the surface. It's huge and full of really cool stuff, and we now have a pass to go back and see more. Here the kids are checking out baby chicks being born...
a scientist figuring out how to put the parts of the body together

listening to daddy's heart

Some random pictures over the past month or so....  One day I heard David hollering for me, and wondered what was up... well here he was stuck!

Another wonderful outfit...

Dessert from our Valentines dinner

thought this was a cute picture of two blonds....
and yet another getup

David and Yasmin
Kate and "Cille"
This picture hardly does justice, but the snowflakes that day were huge and perfect and Bella was sticking out her tongue trying to catch them... it was a beautiful snowfall! (yes, I'm over it!)