Friday, August 31, 2007

The Zoo (no, not at our house)

So we took a little trip up to the Zoo in York, Maine this week. The kids were happy to see all the typical zoo animals, feed the ducks, pet the goats & deer, and chase butterflies. Seems Kate loves animals as much as Bella does, and David is a little more cautious. I asked Bella what her favourite part of the day was, she said 'the rides' ...well, we didn't go on any rides (not tall enough), so I asked her what animals she liked at the zoo. Thinking she would pick the elephant, or tiger, or bears, or monkeys... but oh no, the response was 'the horses'. Ok.

After the zoo we stopped by the lot - again - and had to check out the progress. We now have a first floor & garage!! We have had gorgeous weather, and still hoping for more. The walls go up pretty fast, and it's fun to walk around 'in' the house to get a feel for where everything is going to be. The kids love playing in the dirt & sand, and are making fast friends with the two labs that tag along with the building crew. David actually pet the dog this time!

Lesson of the day: I learnt that a highlighter marker does come out of a quilt.

Additional lesson of the day: When a bottle filled with juice spills, 80% of the juice will soak into a pair of jammies, while the remaining 20% that spilled on the highchair tray splatters nicely on the wall while banging your hands firmly on the tray. When something sounds like too much fun, it usually is.

This is a duck :o) Feeding the ducks, Kate wanted one in a bad way Pot belly pigs

Checking out the goats
...and at the lot...
Kate & 'Chet' - she gets very excited to see the dogs
Eye to eye
The first floor is up!
This is "Dave-the-builder"
Back of house
I was unloading the groceries out of the car today, and found Kate digging strawberries out of the grocery bag on the floor... she'd found a gold mine! Down it went, stem and all.
Guess she wanted strawberry juice on her strawberry shirt!
Cuddles from sister

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beach'n It

We have enjoyed some really hot days here recently, and we made us of one of them by heading to the beach with Kevin & Jody. The kids had fun playing in the water & sand, making sand castles, and smushing them as fast as they were made. 'Some' made it into the fridged water, while some of us decided it was nice to keep our toes warm in the sand. Kate turned out to be quite the little surfer girl, really enjoying the board. The kids found some clams and some tiny little fishy's in a pool of water on the beach. After spraying a yard of sand off each kid, we packed 'em up and headed home for supper. Fun day!

Little buddies
Are we having fun yet?
Surfs up!
Breanna pulling Bella in the waves.
Braden with Kate
Love this picture!
Healthy appetites after a day in the sun...
Opps, I didn't get any pics of me at the beach...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cool picture

This was taken from Columbia, notice the snow of Greenland, green of Ireland, the sand of the Sahara, and the lights of the larger cities in Europe and Africa.
Hey, here's my hubby.... "Attention passengers, this flight will be delayed for de-icing"

Our First Guests

Last night we had Richard & Nancy over to the lot/new house. Mike made a little 'bbq pit' out in the back and we grilled hamburgers. Nancy brought a marker and helped the kids draw little people on the little rocks they collected. I forgot to take a picture of the little rock people (I hear your sigh of relief!) Earlier yesterday morning, we took a quick little trip to the beach. The kids ran in and out of the surf, and Kate was facinated with the feel of sand running through her fingers... and hair!

David's quote of the day... "I'm chasing turkeys mom!" ...well anything along the line of a bird, or seagull in this case, is referred to as a turkey. I think it sounds too cute so I don't correct him... his teachers will have a hay-day with him!

Yes, I am still part of this family, just always on the other end of the camera! :o)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Framing 101

The framing crew has started! We were over at the lot this morning and the kids (and us too) asked a few questions...trying to figure it all out. We were there to see the first wall go up. Bella continues to chase around the 2 puppies that come to work every day, and David holds on to my skirt, trying to get away from the 2 puppies.

Quote of the day: On the ride home from the lot, David told me his tummy hurt. I told him when we got home we'd have some lunch. He said "It will feel my tummy better when I eat."

So the other morning (Saturday, I think) it was a gorgeous day - like 70's - and I opened up all the windows in the house and let the air blow through. It felt amazing to have some fresh air in the house after several weeks of hot weather. The kids got out of bed and 'froze'. They asked for blankets as they ate breakfast... it was pathetic! ... they can't really be from Canada!!

Goofing off
Favourite treat...

Freezing cold!
So we've recently become aquainted with the story Charlotte's Web, and we've seen Charlotte on 2 different occasions at the new house...

First wall going up