Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving (not the 'real' thanksgiving EH!)

I'm still stuffed!! We had an amazing thanksgiving dinner at Ken & Alice's on Thursday - shared with Gretchen (their daughter), and Jean Allen (Ken's cousin). Alice sure knows how to put on a spread... couldn't even fit in dessert so I had to bring my peacan & pun'kin pie home to enjoy the next day.

Kids got lots of stories read to them....
...and Bella checked out Alice's recipe books, and made us even more treats!
Kate snuggling in with Ken
So try, just try to get a family picture taken... inevitably, one of the kids is whining, crying, sulking, sullen, looking into the abyss... It just don't work. Kate was in a mood yesterday. She climbed up onto the coffee table and was quite pleased with herself. The kids and I were laughing at her and she was being quite a little 'ham'.
...and a advertisement for Wheat Thins... look how happy it makes your kids! ...never mind the fact that you forget about the full box of crackers on your bed and your littlest one decides to dump out the box in it's entirety throughout the covers and onto the floor. (did I tell you the ant story?) ...crackers are itchy. Another shot of the little monkey
and David Jon Jacob Jinglehimer Schmit... as we like to sing it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another week down... how many to go in this apartment?

Looking back on the past week... what have I accomplished?? I really suppose to accomplish something 'every' week? Last Monday Bella had another sleepover at Breanna's, which left David lonely for her again. It was nice to see him & Kate playing more & more together - he really looks after her, and takes alot of abuse (pinching, pulling, biting...) from her. He 'usually' just laughs it off. She is becoming a little ham, trying to make us laugh while she dances, dresses up, tries her best 'fall' or prances around in someones too-big shoes. She's becoming her own little person. (ok, not little)

The house... we are hoping it gets sided, insulated & start to drywall this week. Will post some pictures when something exciting happens!

Tuesday night was girls-night-out at Janannes. It was another beautiful meal with a 'thanksgiving' theme. (the most amazing sweet potatoes I've ever had!) We had some good laughs, and a real nice chat about recent memories that make us thankful...

David in his new favourite hat
Kate has become quite a climber. Found her perched up on a chair, on top of a table in David's bedroom... quite smug about it too!

Little buddies
Girls night out... the table was set....
...and we came and ate! Jill, Lynn & Lindi
Shelley, Katie & Laura
Lindi, Jody & Shelley
Andrea, Natalie & Johanna
Patty (holding Shiloh) & Jananne
Laura & Deanna
Isobel, Maimi & Me
Kate this morning haming it up again...
...standing on the coffee table

Monday, November 12, 2007

Trip to the Museum

On Saturday we took a trip to the Children's Museum in Portsmouth... wow! it's very impressive! The kids didn't want to leave, but we were all hungry - thank goodness - so were able to drag them out to get some lunch. We will definately be taking a trip back.... even Kate had a blast.

The kids enjoyed watching the basement floor get poured last week - I'm sure they were dying to get their boots muddy too!
So instead we did finger painting... at the tables expense.

They thought it was pretty cool to wear Daddy's old shirts.
At the children's museum...
At the museum... on a submarineClimbing through the tunnels Checking out the sleeping quarters

Doing some fishing on a lobster boat David's catch of the day
Working at the post office
I think the post office was a favourite of them all. Kate is stopping by to pick up her mail
David is playing postmaster
And Bella loved going around and delivering mail to all the little post boxes throughout the museum
Kate seemed to enjoy wearing the goggles
And lunch was served by Bella & David in the Greek restaurant
The waitress

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quotable Quotes

Tonight the kids were jumping on the couch when all of a sudden Bella looked out the window and said... "hey guys look at the sky, it's so pretty!"
David: "yes, it looks 'mazing!"

The other day I was talking on the phone to someone and I saw David playing with my cellphone. He had decided to call Daddy - now, he can't really do this. I hear him say...
"Daddy, can you get some flowers for mama?" ...."yeah, stop by Shaw's and get some flowers for mama and give them to me, so I will give them to mama." ..." k, sanks."
I thought it was such a cute thing (no doubt!). Later, I was talking to Mike who thought I'd put him up to it! I had no idea he was really talking to daddy... lucky girl he gets! ...actually, lucky mama... ;)

...and just one more... David's favourite story right now is about 'Frick & Beona." Commonly known as Shrek & Fiona.