Friday, July 27, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

You'll note these first two pictures have nothing to do with Vegas ...Ken & Alice and Mark King came over for lunch on Sunday - Mark was ropped into reading books for awhile.

LAS VEGAS - So we all decided to go to work with Mike. He was flying out to Las Vegas with a 24 hour layover (how soon we forget what a redeye feels like!), so on Wednesday afternoon we packed up our bags and jumped on for a ride. The kids travelled like little troopers, catching catnaps here & there and riding on shuttle buses (much more exciting than an airplane!), and after an exceptionally smooth landing, we were there! Catching a short nights sleep, we headed off for the 'strip' to catch a glimpse of all the glitter, watching the not-so-rich try to win their fortune, sampling tasty pastries, and admiring the extravegant hotels. After the kids decided not to let mom & dad have a nap, we enjoyed a couple hours at the pool. Later in the evening it was back to the airport, and did it all in reverse... today we all took a nap! Yes it was short & sweet, but it's kinda fun hanging out with dad at 'work'.

Our flight crew...
After a spill in the cockpit, it wasn't so exciting after all...
Our hotel suite... thankyou JetBlue!
The atrium at the Bellagio...
Even the road was made out of flowers & plants
...knowing my love for flowers, I had to take some more pics... was beautiful!
...and a side trip to Paris...
An ice cream treat at FAO Swartz... The limosine...
Trying hats on for size... And at the poolside...

This didn't really turn out, but the neon view at take-off was pretty neat...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A couple of fun days with lots of kids...

Thursday we got to spend the day with Richard & Nancy and their 3 grandkids; Mason, Sawyer & Arden. We took a trip into Portsmouth to see the Albacore Submarine Museum, the kids ran through the submarine 3 times, squeezed into the cramped sleeping quarters and took turns driving it and peeping through the parascope. We then drove over to Kittery, Maine to spend a bit of time at Fort McCleary. The kids spent some energy running and jumping over rocks or anything else in their path.
On Friday, (while Mike flew to Florida) we drove to Richard & Nancy's camp - about 1 1/4 hour drive west of here. Scott & Holly and Mark & Sarah were there along with Richards dad (Jack), and brother & his wife (Ed & Audrey). We left home in the morning while it was raining, but the weather soon cleared up and we enjoyed a day at the 'beach'. Kate sure loved being in the water, and the kids had fun kayaking, swimming and building sand-forts.

Cramped sleeping quarters on the submarine
Driving with Sawyer

Up Parascope!
At Fort McCleary - Kittery, Maine
Squeezing into a tight little hole

Mason liked to help Kate walk
Friday's trip to camp... taking a ride on the raft
Quinn giving Bella a ride
I don't think he'll sink!
Looking for clams with Quinn & Colby
Nancy helping to build a fort
Enjoying the view

Ending the day with a drippy treat