Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick Trip Home

On Wednesday evening, I decided that I didn't want to miss out on a family party on the weekend, and took the first flight out on Thursday morning. The kids & I flew on a really cool airline... JetBlue... and landed at my sisters (Cathy) on Thursday afternoon. Friday night Mike flew over to join us, and on Saturday we made our way up to my cousins in Guelph for my uncle's 70th birthday party. It was very special to be home and see relatives that I hadn't seen in years!
Thanks to Rog & Bonnie, the kids had some cookies for the airplane...

"Can't hear it...!!!"
Happy to see Bub.
Making cookies
Mike's favourite paper
Jonathan... 19 & single... he told me to say that
Did I say he was still single?
Charlotte with Bella
David checking out the red lips
and Shanny
Jackie came over for lunch on Friday
and my sister Cathy
So... when in Canada...
...and it's not winter, you play road hockey!
Bub & David on the go-cart
Shanny & Bella
getting towed
So this was Uncle Roger's 70th birthday bash...
my nephew Brandon, 2nd cousin Charlotte, niece Charlotte & niece Alyssa
filling up my plate... nothing unusual!
Shanny, Anna, Analise, Bella
Sarah & Charlotte
Grandpa with Kate, and my brother Carl
the feast
Andrew, Stephen & David
Playing a few games with all the kids
anyone for tennis? I got the ball!
my sister Gayle, cousin Heidi (hostess), her daughter Analise, my sister Gayle, cousin Lisa
sister-in-law Sue in green & white
I love this picture... Uncle Roger with 2 of his grand-daughters...
more games.. Charlotte helping David with his egg
and Deborah & Bella

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My birthday - September 5th

I forgot to mention I just had my birthday celebration... we went out for Thai with Richard and 'Wancy' and then they came over for a birthday cake that the kids helped me make. Here is a picture that Richard took of Mike & I that evening...

This 'n That

Last week I went into Bella's classroom and read a couple of Robert Munsch books to the class. It was fun to see her in her classroom and David & Kate got to stay and play until hometime too!
Kate didn't move a muscle throughout the whole song...
checking out the bunny (in the classroom)
playing with the kitchen centre

Kate getting ready to go to school too...

She's gotta bring her bag out to the bus too...
sitting on the rocks waiting for the bus
David getting a much needed haircut
David's photography skills are getting better by the day...
...another shot by David
Last week Jody & I met at Chuck E. Cheeses for a night of fun & excitement!!!!!!!!
This picture makes me laugh... Kate managed to stay on the ride :)'s what they were watching/doing... a roller coaster ride
and Bella
and Braden
Kate crawling through the play area
Braden & David running around
...and then we took them to TGI Fridays for supper
can we say 'cheese!'
Because we were terribly mean parents, and didn't do a sleepover that night, we set up camp in the family room and the kids (and unfortunatly me) had fun by the campfire
Daddy reading some stories
Mid-air jump

Our girls night out dinners have started again. Our first one was at Heather's on Tuesday night. We had a poolside dinner, completed by smores by the campfire.