Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our little getaway....

It was with great pleasure that Mike took me with him to work last weekend. After great pains, I decided I could finally leave my three kids (in good hand with Kevin & Jody), and go on a three day trip to St. Maarten and New York City. 

If you look close, you can see my pilot :)
first view of the beach
you haven't experienced St. Maartin if you haven't done this!!

a pilots dream.. sitting on the beach with his wife, watching plane after plane after.....
...after plane....

happy and relaxed :)
flying into NYC

We had an amazing dinner at the Maze... a Gordon Ramsey restaurant in the London Hotel, downtown Manhattan... wow!
and a walk around the city...
checking out the 'Coach' bags...

thankyou, thankyou to my hubby and K & J for helping me arrange this fabulous getaway!!

Misc. Stuff from my Phone

It was haircut day at the mall, so we had to have McDonalds after  :)

This was at the Newfields Bike Rodeo... the kids had fun getting a safety check done on their bike and learning some road rules

and here we are looking good for baseball...
keeping her eye on everyone and everything.... except the ball!

Memorial Day and Weekend

We had a nice sunny Memorial Day weekend last week, complete with the annual Newfields Town Parade! The kids were excited to ride their bikes in the parade, and Kate was happy to collect any candy thrown her way.  On Monday we had some friends over for supper and a campfire. 
Aiden with some sparklers
Breanna with hers
Brian & Lindi... he's looking very sweet
telling campfire stories

kids playing in the pile of dirt!
kids around the picnic table
and getting a bite to eat
at the parade

I like this picture of David and his friend chatting about ?? baseball??
watching the parade... the candy was a great part!
Bella riding her bike
and David riding his

We planted a little garden this year... and with any luck, we'll keep Willy away from it!
Bella & Willy self portrait
Mama & Bella planting the garden
and this is self explanatory.... (hope is in the air!!)