Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick 'R Treat

We went trick 'r treating last night, and everyone was excited to go!!.... opps, not Pooh bear. I think he was still spooked from the Halloween party from the weekend. Anyway, after a few houses he clued in pretty fast that it was well worth the effort to walk up to the doors by himself. He ended up having a good time afterall!

And after...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Twas the night before Halloween...

BOO! If this picture doesn't stop you from reading any further, I'm not sure what will!

...well the kids are already on a chocolate high! Help! and there's more candy to come!! Trick 'r treat'n is tomorrow night here in Newfields (don't ask why..?) so we are gearing up for another sugar fix. We spent the weekend in Milford at a Fall/Halloween weekend bash. We had a blast getting together with old & new friends, spending Saturday at Jody & Kevin's, then a Halloween potluck/party at the barn at Roger & Bonnie's for supper. The kids had fun going trick 'r treat'n in the spooky haunted house they set up in the barn, (ok, my kids chicken's out), then went for a fun hayride, and enjoyed a fireworks display thanks to Eric & Lori! After crashing hard, we continued the 'gobling' festivities on Sunday after mtg. at Brad & Shelleys.

I'm posting some of my favourite photos, but you can enjoy more photo's from the weekend on Kevin & Jody's blog. I'm really cheating here, but she got alot of great pictures of most of the familes, so I'll just add some snapshots I took.

Mom & Dad were also visiting us this week. We enjoyed a quick visit from them, taking them shopping and a trip up to Kittery & Kennebunk, as well as lunch at Bob's Clam Shack - our favourite. The kids sure enjoyed all the extra attention (and really loved getting spoiled while shopping, but hey, what are grandparents for?) but especially loved Grandpa playing the accordian for them. Kate's got groove.

Favourite quote from David today: "Mama, I have a headache in my ear."

Johanna holding baby Sawyer
Jill & Colby

Darryl & Kaylise
Guys playing crokinole... and for you yankees;
Mamie & Shelby
Bella holding Shelby (a new favourite thing to do)
Shelley, Sandy & Sawyer
Sweet picture of Colby
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall....
...and the rest of our family
a couple of witches (Rebecca & Bella)
Bonnie the clown
Fred... er, Jobe in barefeet all night
Natalie & Duane and Kyler
Princess Kate
my little witch
Where was David, you ask? Hiding under my skirt all night... scary stuff!
...on the hayride with the Timms
the moon was very impressive that night... where Kevin's teeth!
Sunday was a baby shower for new little Sawyer
new mommy Sandy
and the guest of honor
A buggy, thingy, dumpster, cart ride mobile for the kids... thanks Kent!
the guys took the kids out for a walk while the gals enjoyed the baby shower
Grandma & Granma's visit

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can I have this dance?

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Sorry everyone, but I've been having fun... there are 4 new posts tonight... Enjoy!

Family Fun

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Girls Night Out

Tuesday night was girls night out at Heather's place. It was a crisp night and we ate outside on her porch - it was gorgeous.
Eating by candlelight...

Beef stew in a bread bowl.
The gals...
Warming up with hot stew & hot cidar
Lisa & me
....and we were having a good time, until.....
...a napkin caught on fire and Jody tried to stomp it out... (she can dance quite well!)

...the fireman had to come and assist.... (thanks Cyler!)

....all ended up well, just a little burnt napkin on the boot!

David's Happy Day

Yesterday David turned 3! He was excited to add to his collection of Cars! He wanted mac & cheese for his birthday so we went to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. After meeting we had a birthday cake with Richard & Nancy.

Excited boy opening presents

Examing his lineup
Daddy's little girl
Coloring the table
Yummy mac & cheese
Goofing off
Birthday cake at Richard & Nancy's
My little 3 year old
Help from sis
Opps, did I put this one in!
This morning was story time at the Newfields library, where the kids had a Boo Parade. They walked down to the general store & townhall where the kids got treats. We then went back to the library for a pumpkin cookie from Miss Jean.