Monday, March 31, 2008

Our new home...

Outside of our home -though not painted yet - will be green & brown with cream trim
Family room

my favourite room! :)
room with a view - peeks down into the mudroom
kitchen & island
dining room
...and around to the living room
opposite view from living room into dining room
from front entrance way
...these are a few pictures of the floors before moving in...
...thanks Duane for an awesome, awesome job! this is the living room
and walnut throughout the rest of the main living area
from front entrance looking into kitchen
into the library/office
David's room
loft area
Kate & Bella's room
guest room
and mudroom from other way (I'm standing in the laundry area which I didn't take a picture of, for obvious reasons!)
our master bath
and shower
and our master bed (the piles of boxes have been cropped out - this room hasn't had much attention yet!)

It was hard for me to let go and post these pictures without all my pictures hung, nic-nacs etc. However, it wouldn't be until next Julember until that's all done... so I just let go... breath deep... people will get over it...

Moving Day...

So we moved into our new house last Monday, March... whatever (haven't unpacked a calendar, sorry) and have been unpacking boxes ever since! We sure have appreciated all the help of everyone who helped us pack, clean, move, unpack.... and to all our friends who were sick last Monday but miraculously got better on Tuesday - hope you stay healthy!

I am forever inserting my pictures here backwards, but don't have the energy to re-do it this time... so, this is the day from end to beginning...

Kate enjoying her 'keem' treat...
kids eating supper

Jody sitting with all her friends
some of our friends having supper after a hard days work moving the Klinetobes!
Breanna checking out the muddy backyard
supper time
moving the piano
Bonnie & Kate
moving in
Richard cleaning the kitchen
Nancy cleaning the stairs...


Floor Paints

So I painted some flowers on our mudroom floor - took a whole day, but it felt wonderful to spend some time with a brush again! No, the kids were not around to stick their appendages into the paint and try out their own handy work, they were locked in their cages...
ok, so this is a poppy...

and an iris...
and this is a view of the whole floor... 5 flowers in total (you can't really see the last one)
Kate helping mama pack boxes - no, it didn't work out so well having someone around unpacking as fast as I could pack
and David checking out the bedroom after being torn apart

Birthday Party's's

We had a couple more birthday's to celebrate - you know how much the kids just can't stand anymore parties! Bella's little friend Ava turned 6 and Kate's little friend Molly turned 1... here we all are celebrating amounst a pile of pizza, paint and sand... yes, they got dirty, yes they had fun!

Miss Ava with her cake
and Molly devouring her cake

opening presents
...the easy way
Ellie, Bella & Shelby painting
this is to prove that Jananne is wrong when she says she never has a good picture taken of her...
Braden painting... pink?
beautiful Shilo
David & Paxton playing in the sand
Kate & Kyle hanging out
and Kyle playing in the sand... is it green??
...yes, it's green sand from head to toe!
the craft table full of kids...
Kate & David one Sunday morning
...something caught Kate's funny bone
3 men in a tub...