Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids at play

We had a visit from Andrea and her girls this week... Shilo was so sweet... she would just giggle when she watched Kate play. Kate of course wanted to smother her with kisses & hugs.

playing dress-up is always a favourite!

Our visit to the farm

Today we decided to check out our local SPCA to see the horses, cats & dogs - no, this wasn't my idea! However, we then went up north to Barrington to see a little farm that raises cows, chickens, lambs, pigs... the kids loved it! Noisy little pigs...
the kids got to feed a 4 day old calf with the bottle
Bella in her glory!
We pulled off to the side of the road and had a pic-nic beside a river. It was so warm today, and the kids had fun throwing sticks into the river until Kate decided to get a little closer. Mike managed to grab her by the leg, hanging upside-down as the 2 of them slipped down a moss-covered rock towards the water... sounds more dangerous than it was... Kate got a good scare, but it didn't slow her down for long!

everyone had to try jumping from the rock...

... and I mean everyone!

Visitors from Canada!!

My friend Rachel and her hubby Bruce came to visit us this past week... it was a special visit as we had never met Bruce before (we approve!) and we got to personally congratulate them on their 14 week old 'bump'. So excited!! I think we broke them in very gently with showing them how quiet and smoothly our household runs with 3 kids... they actually said they would definitely have more... until they arrived... It was so fun just hanging out with Rachel again, taking them around to explore our sea coast - they live on the opposite end, on Vancouver Island, BC.
So we decided to go to Boston the day that the Boston Marathon was on - not really thrilled about this idea, however the guys took in a Red Sox game and Rachel & I were decided to do a little shopping while the guys enjoyed the game. The store that we really wanted to go to (Anthropology) is directly across the street from the parking garage/Prudential Centre where we parked. Little did we know we had to go down 765 blocks before we could cross the street to get to the other side. We figure we actually did more exercise than the winner of the marathon as we 'walked' for 1.5 hours (yes, that's right!), pushing a stroller and/or holding another child on my shoulders, fighting through the enormous crowds, just to get to our store! To my surprise, Anthropology was closed due to the little race that was going on. I almost through a rock through the window. Then we walked back to our car - only adding an additional hour to our time. By then the game was over and the guys actually beat us back to the parking garage. So much for shopping in Boston.

all tired out... too many hotdogs??
our day in Kennebunkport Bella & Bruce

me & Rach

the happy couple ;)
Bruce checking out the Bush complex
getting the feel of parenting!

Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil...

helping Daddy make supper

Some more visitors

Kevin & Jody, B & B and Jean stopped over last week for a wee visit... so nice to see Jean again!

a typical silly pose...
getting ready to leave...
Breanna being camera shy

Visitors for sp. mtgs.... Kelly W. with kids
kids enjoying the piano!
Kelly W. with Susan N.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Destination Disney...

So here we go a-'gain' (that's for you Nancy) making some last minute plans... last Monday we booked a short trip to Disney World. We jetFlew to Orlando on Thursday, went to the Magic Kingdom on Friday, enjoyed some swimming, sun & shopping on Saturday and flew home on Saturday night. It was a whirlwind trip, but we all had a blast. The kids loved Disney World - of course - and in order to get them out of the park, we had to make promises to come back again real soon.

It was a trip that was well travelled... in 3 days we travelled by car, shuttle, aiplane, tram, shuttle, car, trolly, boat, tram, train, boat, trolly, car, shuttle, tram, airplane, car... whew!
Cinderella's castle... of course Bella wanted to go up to the tower
this is prior to the screams of having to get off the horse
Inside Mickey's house... it was pretty cool!
posing with the crew
David even gave hugs!
Kate.. no hugs, but a kiss to Minnie
Bella outside of Minnie's house
Kate watching for Bella & Daddy on the race cars
tea-cups... dizzy, dizzy...
Bella's favourite part... meeting Princess Aurora... a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty
3 princesses
We watched 2 parades which was pretty cool cause we got to see 'all' the princesses!!
waving to them...
my little princess...
in the tree house
riding a magic carpet with mom
watching the princesses dance...
David's favourite guy... Buzz Lightyear!
Bella looking very sad... she started to sob when we said it was almost time to go... not whining, real tears... (every time Kate see's this picture she says.. "Bell, cyy" (Bella, crying)
Someones happy on the train!
and a last farewell to Goofy at the airport!