Monday, November 3, 2008

Me & Politics... Again!

I ran into Sarah who was visiting New Hampshire last week...
Sarah with her youngest...

Halloween Festivities

This past weekend, we had a fun couple days over at Milford... we had a Halloween party/potluck at the 'barn' on Friday night where we all dressed up in costume, ate lots of good food, had a hayride & fireworks (thanks Eric & Lori!) and a tour through a scary dark maze!! It was a lot of fun!! The next day was followed with more good eats over at Kevin & Jody's where we had a fun day with a bunch of young families. My favourite part was hide & seek on the buggies!! Here are some pictures (backwards) of our day on Saturday at Kevin & Jody's first, followed by our party on Friday night... Laura holding Shalyn

The buggy full of boys...
Mr. David all bundled up
Laura & Shelley carting around the girls
Brad was my crazy driver... we did have a great hiding spot, however we were anxious to be found as he had us buried in mud up to the axle. Good one Brad.

Calista hanging out as we were waiting to be found
Later in the day, we had a little baby shower for Shelley who is expecting a boy in a few weeks.

The gals...
And here we are on Friday night at the Halloween party....

The 2 Sarah Palins...
Nerd #1 Alan
Nerd #2 Kevin
Arden & Bella
Jody, Lori & Deanna
Breanna, Ellie & Ava
scariest costume winner....
Kate & David eating off of Aiden's plate
Calista & Lily
Here we are bundled up for the hayride
and enjoying the fireworks...
Shelley, the ipod gal
Miss Molly
McCain & Palin

Sarah & Mark

School & Library Halloween Celebrations

Bella's school had a Halloween party & parade on Thursday, so we all bundled up to catch the action. Bella was a little cowgirl for Halloween this year.. Bella with her class in the parade (they walked around the school a couple of times!)

This guy was so funny!! His head is halfway up his left leg...
Here is Bella's class with her teachers
In the morning, David & Kate had a Boo Parade at their Thursday Storytime at the Newfields library. Kate was a little bunny....
We walk down to the general store, then over to the police station & townhall
Reading a book at storytime
David was a puppy

Trip to the Boston Aquarium

Last Wednesday we took Bella out of school and we all went to Boston to visit the aquarium in the Boston harbour. It really was magnificient! a friendly seal

a bunch of penquins... a favourite
a 'huge' sea turtle with a sand shark swimming over top
Bella holding a sand dollar
the kids loved touching all the little sea creatures...

a huge sting ray
taking it all in...
the jellyfish were beautiful!
David holding his little treasure

School Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Last week we took a trip to the pumpkin farm with Bella's kindergarden class...
we took a stroll through the corn maze...

which way do we go??
David waiting his turn
the kids all lined up and ready for the hayride
looking at the animals
David found his perfect pumpkin
Mrs. K. helping Kate pick out her pumpkin
on the hayride
David with his friend Erin