Monday, April 14, 2008

Destination Disney...

So here we go a-'gain' (that's for you Nancy) making some last minute plans... last Monday we booked a short trip to Disney World. We jetFlew to Orlando on Thursday, went to the Magic Kingdom on Friday, enjoyed some swimming, sun & shopping on Saturday and flew home on Saturday night. It was a whirlwind trip, but we all had a blast. The kids loved Disney World - of course - and in order to get them out of the park, we had to make promises to come back again real soon.

It was a trip that was well travelled... in 3 days we travelled by car, shuttle, aiplane, tram, shuttle, car, trolly, boat, tram, train, boat, trolly, car, shuttle, tram, airplane, car... whew!
Cinderella's castle... of course Bella wanted to go up to the tower
this is prior to the screams of having to get off the horse
Inside Mickey's house... it was pretty cool!
posing with the crew
David even gave hugs!
Kate.. no hugs, but a kiss to Minnie
Bella outside of Minnie's house
Kate watching for Bella & Daddy on the race cars
tea-cups... dizzy, dizzy...
Bella's favourite part... meeting Princess Aurora... a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty
3 princesses
We watched 2 parades which was pretty cool cause we got to see 'all' the princesses!!
waving to them...
my little princess...
in the tree house
riding a magic carpet with mom
watching the princesses dance...
David's favourite guy... Buzz Lightyear!
Bella looking very sad... she started to sob when we said it was almost time to go... not whining, real tears... (every time Kate see's this picture she says.. "Bell, cyy" (Bella, crying)
Someones happy on the train!
and a last farewell to Goofy at the airport!

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