Thursday, December 4, 2008


Still feels weird to celebrate Thanksgiving so late, however, it's another chance to have a feast, so why do I complain? We were lucky to have Mike's brother and wife visit us for a week... yes, a whole week! I can't imagine how quiet & peaceful their home must have felt when they got home... It was special to have them! Ken & Alice and Jean also shared in on our Thanksgiving feast with us, was a good day, and the girls won the Cranium game!! :)

LeAnn & I made namecards for everyone... here are a couple... :)

and the table is prepared... (forgot to take one with the people, guess I was busy?)
Alice always a good sport to read to the kids
Jean being shown the gingerbread house
Alice & Kate sharing a giggle
Ken is good for a story or two :)
Richard & Nancy invited us all over for dinner at their place... a delicious meal again!
a feast is spread
LeAnn & I went into Bella's school to prepare the Thanksgiving feast for the Kindergarten class... it was very fun... the kids helped out with everything from peeling apples & veggies, to making cornbread muffins, and cutting up fruit for a enormous fruit salad!
A peeling station
Cutting up apples to make applesauce
Bella with one of her little friends
waiting for the feast
David & LeAnn getting in on the good eats
and Kate is in there too...
Don & LeAnn with Bella
some Sunday pics

Kate & Bella helping out in the kitchen

Daddy eating pie
capturing the moment :)
now here's a picture! :)
Donny being a good sport and giving the kids rides...
"oh, my poor knees..."
..."just one more.... pleeeeease!"
and LeAnn being a good sport and making a gingerbread house with the kids
putting on the finishing touches...
the end product.... and yes, it's still in one piece... I am the meanest mom ever!!
A trip to Jordan's furniture and Fudrucker's for lunch
David tries out a new chair
Bella finds a stuffed dog that she 'loves'!
Kate finds somewhere to climb
While LeAnn is getting a product demonstration...
Donny sneaks away for a little shopping spree himself...

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