Friday, March 6, 2009


First view of Aruba... that's actually the resort we stayed at in the centre
first taste of the beach

Poor little Bella wasn't feeling very good... with a little cold and ear ache

Deborah (my niece) and the kids out exploring

meeting up with some friends!
what's not alright with this picture!

catching some rays... or should I say flies

getting ready to enjoy a dinner out.. just the two of us!!

Meeting at the Nedds... and lunch afterwards
Peter B. with the Nedds

back at the beach

Miss Georgia Peach
Miss... errr???

the house where we stayed with Brad & Shelley (and family) for the last couple of nights after Mike had to go back to work...

the kids loved jumping in the waves!
Gary & Becky
Tim & Sarah

celebrating Shelley's birthday
This is how you spend 6 hours at the airport after your flight has been delayed!
at least I was able to sit in the sun for a few more hours!  I had 'everything' packed onto that stroller... my 'only' 2 suitcases, my purse, car seat and 3 kids

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