Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trip to Kincardine

We flew back to Ontario the end of June to visit my brother & family, and see a bunch of my friends, who congregated in Kincardine at the same time - or live there! It was a very special trip for me!
Carl & Sue had new kittens... they got handled... alot!

a day at the beach...

some of my special friends... Rhona, Alanna, me & Anne (Cheryl is missing!)
good little friends... Abigail & Bella

...and Caryss

the kids at the beach
Sue getting sunburnt UNDER the umbrella!
pulling out the big guns!
at the Friday night baseball game...
and to Anne & Larry's for a bonfire afterwards

and the Kincardine summer Saturday night ritual...
Carl & Sue

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