Tuesday, July 3, 2007

2 Year Old Language

David's little words just make me laugh alot. This morning it was "mommy, are we going to the store today or tomorrow-day?"

Yesterday we went to the lot to do a little work. We thought it would be 'fun' to build a stone wall between out place and our new neighbours. We hauled and lugged around rocks until we couldn't move, and tried our best at building a wall. I guess it's a bit of an art, but we'll get there... The kids had fun digging in the dirt, making trails, and climbing trees. Kate sampled the soil... it wasn't that great. The boy next door - David - came over to play with the kids as well. He's a nice little boy. After a morning playing in the dirt, the kids came out of the bath looking pretty clean and white again! It felt so good to be working a little bit over there...

We are meeting 'Dave the builder' on Thursday again once the rough excavating is done and we'll see where the hole will go. Then we are heading to Ontario for Jackie & Graham's wedding on Saturday!!! ...or as David says "Jackie and Greem" ...we are all pretty excited!!

Eating rocks & dirt... yummy

Playing with the new neighbour boy
Learning new tricks

Big machine, little guy

Happy 4th of July tomorrow-day... and happy Canada Day on July 1st.

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