Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Busy Week

We have had a busy week with my friend Janice (no, not my sister) - she's here for one more day. We can't go shopping again or she has to buy another suitcase! She's spent alot of time just playing with the kids, so it's been a vacation for me too! Mike flew 4 days this week, so we've missed him around here. (I know he'll get harrassed by his brothers now...) We met with Dave-the-builder this week, and again tomorrow - the house is 'officially' started!!! Whoo-weee!!

Let's see, Kate is walking, and will turn 1 on Wednesday. She's a little climber now too. Here are some of this weeks poses...

Bella walking Buster

Kate loves to splash herself in the tub

Getting some encouragement from sis
Dad's wish list... keep wishing!
Having fun with Janice
Our little climber...she only 'looks' like an angel
Blueberries are a favourite

Playing at the park

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