Monday, November 19, 2007

Another week down... how many to go in this apartment?

Looking back on the past week... what have I accomplished?? I really suppose to accomplish something 'every' week? Last Monday Bella had another sleepover at Breanna's, which left David lonely for her again. It was nice to see him & Kate playing more & more together - he really looks after her, and takes alot of abuse (pinching, pulling, biting...) from her. He 'usually' just laughs it off. She is becoming a little ham, trying to make us laugh while she dances, dresses up, tries her best 'fall' or prances around in someones too-big shoes. She's becoming her own little person. (ok, not little)

The house... we are hoping it gets sided, insulated & start to drywall this week. Will post some pictures when something exciting happens!

Tuesday night was girls-night-out at Janannes. It was another beautiful meal with a 'thanksgiving' theme. (the most amazing sweet potatoes I've ever had!) We had some good laughs, and a real nice chat about recent memories that make us thankful...

David in his new favourite hat
Kate has become quite a climber. Found her perched up on a chair, on top of a table in David's bedroom... quite smug about it too!

Little buddies
Girls night out... the table was set....
...and we came and ate! Jill, Lynn & Lindi
Shelley, Katie & Laura
Lindi, Jody & Shelley
Andrea, Natalie & Johanna
Patty (holding Shiloh) & Jananne
Laura & Deanna
Isobel, Maimi & Me
Kate this morning haming it up again...
...standing on the coffee table

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