Thursday, May 29, 2008

To Nebraska or Bust...

Last Friday we left for Iowa and Nebraska to visit Mike's family. We flew out of Boston and arrived into Minneapolis and drove down to see Dan & Kim in Milford, Iowa. We spent a couple of days there then drove over to Nebraska to see Grandma & Grandpa. Was nice to see everyone again... time is always too short! Thanks for the chocolate cupcakes Grandma! :)

Leaving Boston - that's downtown, with airport in background
the zoo at the airport

and our arrival in Iowa... Kendra, Bella & Aunt Kim
Kate seemed to warm up to Uncle Dan pretty easily...
Nicole, David & Bella slept in the tent (in the basement)... was pretty exciting!
Nicole showing the kids some deer nearby
Kate and Kendra self photo
Kim & Dan
showing off his dual citizenship
family shot

trying on hats in a store
the kids chased the cats all day long....
On Saturday night we started the 3 hour drive from Iowa to Norfolk, Nebraska... we saw lots of corn fields (up about 3-4" in some places), and lots of these...
and finally...
a long drive...
...for everyone!
the beautiful mid-west sky
Grandma & Bella on sunday morning

Daddy and his boy
after meeting with the kids
...and if you wondered why your flowers looked a little shmushed...
Bella riding daddy's old bike
going for a walk down grandma & grandpa's laneway
we went to see & feed the cows
Then off to a birthday part at Matt & Tanis Johnson's... Tylyn with Bella & Snowflake
Bella now wants a bunny
Paula with Montana and Kate
Trent & Stephanie with their two children
Matt & Tanis
cowboy David
opening presents
Mike, Merrit, Grandpa & GrandmaKate eating popcorn with Grandpa

Grandpa spent a bit of time trying to figure out his new phone!
and Mike taking the troops for a 4-wheeler ride

Here are a couple videos of Kate goofing off and singing...

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