Sunday, July 20, 2008

Korea came to visit & Kate's 2nd Birthday

So excited to have Mark & Yonjung and Paula & Aaron around for a few days. They came to stay with us for a couple of days so we checked out the beach again! They used to live nearby and come to the same mtg. as us... we were all so happy to see them after one year away.

breakfast time
checking out dad's new phone

out fun day at the beach
Mark digging in
daddy boogie boarding again... super waves today!

beach beauty

Bella & Ava
Bella & Paula checking something out
all the kids
the lovely couple
and the Chung family
Kate's Happy Day
Friday was Kate's birthday and she turned 2! We had a little help celebrating with some friends. She now sticks her 2 'peter pointers' up on each hand when I ask her how old she is. And how come the terrible two's start the day after they turn 2? She had a 'miserable' day on Saturday... or should I say I did! I remember the same thing happening with one of the other kids, the day they turned two... watch out! However, she did have a fun day at the beach and at her little party.
Mark & Brad
Shelley & Jean
Kate with Jody & John
digging in

dig in!
the 'Korean' cake I made... ok, so it took awhile for everyone to figure out that was the Korean flag on top... I tried!
Kate with her birthday cupcakes!
all the kids

getting help to blow out the candles... but she tried hard!
opening up some presents
all smiles
and holding a new baby
girls reading a story before saying goodbye
During supper a thunderstorm came through, which was exciting for us because we've been watering our newly seeded lawn all week! It wasn't so exciting for Kevin & Brad, who rode their bikes over that day. But after a 'long' evening, the storm passed and the kids dragged their parents home... it was a good day! :)

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