Monday, June 25, 2007

Bella's First Sleepover

On Saturday night, after the party, Bella stayed over at Breanna's house for her very first sleepover. We were all going over there for the potluck supper, but as soon as we pulled into the driveway Bella says "ok, that's good mom" - I guess she wanted me to let her out at the end of the drive and she'd just trot in on her own. So I park the car and she says "goodbye mom!" I'm like, I'm staying for supper too! Needless to stay, I didn't get that 2:am phone call to say 'come get me'. She thoroughly enjoyed her stay at Jody & Kevin's. David said he didn't miss her... but after awhile you could sure tell that he did.... I missed her too.

Kate took 4 or 5 steps today! She ventured from the safety of the coffee table and headed to the table (go figure
) before falling on her paded behind. She also is very proud of her patty-cake clapping and gives you that famous Kate grin.

Mike talked to 'Dave the Builder' today, and is meeting with him on Wednesday... it's getting close :)

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