Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bella's Second Sleepover

So Jody decided that all the girls (ages 4-7) should have one last sleepover tonight since it would be the last time to see Paula before she leaves for Korea. So we could call it the Chung's farewell #3... but we won't. We met Jody at the mall in Manchester this afternoon and David really wanted to go to Braden's house for a sleepover too... so I had to make him happy at the mall. I got him an ice cream cone, he went on a train ride, a carousal ride, bought a bouncy ball, a Happy Meal and got a gumball out of the machine! ...he was satisfied. Kate tagged along and she kept happy with some snacks (no Happy Meal yet). Daddy is flying in from Seattle late tonight so it's just the three of us are hanging out here.

Kate took a few more steps today. David & Kate have fun playing together, it's really cute to watch them. They make each other giggle.

We booked our hotel today for Jackie's wedding. We leave next week for Ontario. Wish it was a little closer - the ride is just long enough for the kids. Why don't we fly? Well it's also a chore to take 3 kids, 3 carseats, luggage & a stoller through the airport. Everytime we drive, we say we'll fly next time, and every time we fly we say we'll drive. Driving is winning out this time.

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