Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Birthday Happy Christmas

Here's our birthday girl who turned 5 on Christmas day...
the kids opening some presents after Santa's special arrival down the chimney... err, through the window...

Super excited about a new scooter... you don't know how many times I've tripped over that thing!!
a new kitten ... who said it couldn't be a stuffed kitten?
We had Kevin & Jody over on Christmas day... after feasting - again! - we went over to our new house and played outside in the snow, and then warmed up by a fire. Jody & I had to show the kids how 'really' to go wild on the sleds... until my husband warned me to not go so close to the trees cause I had 3 children to look after. Really, I'm not that crazy! We had a super fun day.
It was special for Bella having her friends over for her birthday....

Playing out in the snow...
Kevin & Mike
kids by the fire
stoking up the fire
...capturing that special 'blog' moment...
me & Mike
Jody & Kevin
David roasting marshmallows
and singing Happy Birthday... one of her moments of glory!
Bella then went home with Brianna for a sleepover for 2 nights!! We missed her, but it turned out that David & Kate both got the flu, so it was probably a good thing it was just us... after 2 nights away, it was time for Brianna to come over to our house for a sleepover! Guess they were having too much fun...
here's a picture of Brianna reading a book to David & Bella with a flashlight before bed
We took the kids to the Children's Museum on Friday...
cutting pizza
...concentration required tongue work!
checking it all out! "Post Office, can I help you?"
I can do it!
Peeking out!
...and climbing around the submarine
peeking though the stained glass window
catching lobster
what's under the microscope?
time to deliver mail...
...a more serious one
digging up dinosaur bones
archaeologist at work...

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