Monday, February 2, 2009

Misc. Happenings

A trip to Best Buy now requires a trip to the 'music room' where almost everything is on display and people (i.e. kids) are able to play/destroy very expensive equipment!  FUN!

A new sweater from Grandma Nebraska!
Ok, does anyone agree with me that the old Tropicana carton (left) was much more attractive than the new one??
She has quite the fashion sense... I could snap photos of many outfits all day long...

Snowman that Kate & David made at storytime... "No no Kate, turn your snowman around so mommy can see it..."
"No not you, turn the Snowman around!"
Awe, we finally got it!

Bella's checkup at the doctor requires supervision by Kate.
I got a day to myself this month... (this doesn't happen really frequently!), so I went to the spa and got pampered for a bit, then enjoyed a nice lunch out by myself at the Blue Moon in Exeter... it was so much fun!! See how refreshed I look... I think I should do this more often!!
my awesome lunch..
Alan may kill me, but this was too funny... 

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