Thursday, August 16, 2007

Story Land

On Monday we took a trip to Story Land - it's north of us about 2 hours into the White Mountains. It's a beautiful area with lots of unique shopping and very scenic! Next time we will make a plan to stay longer. The kids had fun running into the Three Bears house, meeting the 3 little pigs, the black sheep, and the woman who lived in a shoe! The train ride around the park was one of the favourites, as well as the wet play area. My favourite was stopping by Riverstones Fine Pastries on the way home :)

On Tuesday night, me & Kate flew back to Ontario and were able to go to Amanda's funeral. It was special to be there with her family who I've spent time with since I was a little girl. It was also nice to see lots of old friends, some who I haven't seen for years. It's was a special service that left you feeling like God completed His work in a young life, and gave her peace - it really was a beautiful thing to see.

Mike took Bella & David to Richard & Nancy's when he left for work yesterday afternoon, and I picked them up at 10:30 when I got home last night. They told me stories of what they did while I was gone... petting and feeding the horses, picking raspberries, cutting down trees (?), saw the train 'really' close, played meeting, ate ice cream... think they missed me?

So today it's back to our 'normal' life. About to head out grocery shopping... Bella just asked me if she could have a chocolate... I said, no, you can have a healthy treat. David just came running into my room "Mom, can I have healthy gum?"

Bella in Wonderland
Opps, did I take that picture?
Riding in the teacup & saucer

In jail!
Train ride around the park
Getting wet!
A deep sea diver

The kids cupcakes
My lemon cheesecake ;)
Garage walls getting poured
Some of the construction workers

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