Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's official... the house is started!

Well it's been awhile. We just got over convention and company, and the pics are piling up.

The Monday prior to convention, we officially broke ground on our house, and soon the footings were in and the walls poured. Today they have been tarring the walls and putting in drainage pipes. We have been stopping by when we can, and trying to stay out of the way. The kids just love to get their hands dirty at any privilege, so we're going through lots of laundry. Dave-the-builder is very patient with their questions and Kate puts her arms out to him every time she sees him. Of course the heavy equipment is of special interest to David, and Dave's dog hangs around Bella as she pours continuous attention out to her.

This past weekend was convention at Milford, and as usual (despite the extremly hot days), we had a wonderful four days. New friends were made, and we got a chance to catch up with old friends. Mom & Dad, my nieces Rachel & Charlotte and Rachel's friend Ed all came down here for convention, and stayed until this morning. We took a trip over to Kittery (outlet malls!) and a quick trip to the beach... not good beach weather :( It was fun to have them despite their short stay.

Digging the hole
...and digging another hole

The footprint is starting to take shape
Getting ready for convention one morning
Paxton's not sure he wants to be in this pic
Shelley with her other 2 sister's (yes, triplets!) and their girls
Ed & Rachel
Daryl & Lynn with Kaylise
Charlotte & David
Bella 'helping' Nancy, and feeling pretty important
First day with the pigtails... ouch!
Sandcastle at the Kittery mall
Bella & Grandma at Bob's Clam Shack
Actually, the kids don't mind shopping at all!
Charlotte at our stop at North Hampton beach

Grandpa & David
...and at our lot again today
Bella & Mya
First time "in" the new house! Kids were wondering where their bedroom was??

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